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Anti Vibration Mounts

Products > Hydro & Air Mounts

Hydro Mounts

Four Hole Hydro

The ‘AV Hydro Mounting’ combines a load bearing rubber spring element with the high damping characteristics of viscous damping achieved by a hydraulic pot and plunger. These Hydraulic damped vibration mounts allow a soft mounting system to give good isolation, whilst high amplitude’- ‘Shaking’ - is controlled at lower speeds – (i.e. ‘Tick-Over’). Hydromounts are particularly suitable for variable speed engines; preventing drumming’ of large unsupported panels; 1, 2 & 3 cylinder engines and where large movements & out-of-balance forces need to be absorbed.

Applications Include: Variable speed vehicles, Tractors, Fork trucks, Small Marine engines, 1, 2 & 3 Cylinder engines.

Air Mount

Air Mounts, as the name suggests, comprises of a rubber body filled with air. They can provide very low natural frequencies, and hence excellent levels of performance. They are a particularly suitable AV mounting for isolating sensitive equipment from surrounding disturbances.

Applications: Mountings for Instrument Tables & Microscope Tables.