Compression, CDM & Cab Mountings

  • Flanged Compression Mountings

    Flanged Compression Mountings

    Flanged Compression Mounting are a Low Profile design, ideal for Shock and Vibration absorption. Using Top and Bottom washers provides a fail-safe design, suitable for mobile applications.

    ■ Commercial Vehicle
    ■ HVAC
    ■ Radiators
    ■ Pumps
    ■ Compressors

  • CDM Mounting

    CDM Mounting

    CDM Mountings are used in pairs, providing a simple single bolt installation. They are able to withstand high dynamic shock loads, particularly when being used on Off-Road Vehicles. The outer body incorporates a steel cup to limit vertical movement and reduce rubber stress, normally caused by bump & shock conditions.

    ■ Simple Single Bolt Installation
    ■ Ideal for Shock & Bump Conditions
    ■ Integral Overload Metal Cup
    ■ Excellent Vibration Reduction

    ■ Off-Highway Vehicles
    ■ Construction Vehicles
    ■ Cabs & Engines

  • Cab Mountings

    Cab Mountings

    Cab Mountings provide a simple, single bolt, method of installation. The unique rubber profile design provides a High Level of ride comfort on Vehicle Cabs, and also control of movement under shock and bump. The use of Overload & Rebound washers provide a failsafe solution.

    ■ Simple, Single Bolt Installation
    ■ Ideal for Mobile Applications
    ■ Control Movement on rough Terrain
    ■ Low Stiffness for high ride comfort

    ■ Construction Equipment
    ■ Off Road Vehicles
    ■ Tractors
    ■ Material Handling

  • Multi Directional Mountings

    Multi Directional Mountings

    Multi Directional mountings are used to accommodate forces in both the upwards & downwards direction (i.e. positive and negative forces), and are ideal for applications such as Gearbox mountings where the torque applied during forward and reverse situations needs to be accommodated. Mountings should be used with Top & Bottom overload washers to provide a failsafe mounting arrangement.

    ■ Multi Directional Isolation
    ■ Heavy Duty, Robust Design
    ■ Ideal for Mobile Applications
    ■ ROPS & FOPS (subject to approval)

    ■ Vehicle Cabs
    ■ Gearbox and Transmission Mountings
    ■ Military & MOD
    ■ Construction & Earthmoving