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Anti Vibration Mounts

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Small Cone

Small Cone

Heavy Duty

3 Hole Fixing

2 Hole Fixing Solid

Overload Washer

2 Hole Slotted

4 Hole Solid

Heavy Duty

4 Hole Slotted

Cab Mounts & Cone Mounts are a robust type of AV mount offering a high horizontal stiffness compared to its vertical stiffness in order to control the movement of Engines & Equipment. They are ideal for mobile applications, and are able to accommodate high loads & shock forces whilst offering excellent vibration isolation properties. Cut outs in the rubber section of the mounting allow for different horizontal to vertical stiffness ratios and the mounts can be supplied with Bump & Rebound washers to provide a failsafe mounting solution. The design of the mountings ensures a low profile installation, and are an ideal anti-vibration method for various types of equipment and installations.

Multi Directional

Multi-Directional mountings are used to accommodate vertical forces in both the upwards & downwards direction (i.e. positive & negative forces), and are ideal for applications such as Gearbox mountings where the torque applied during forward & reverse situations needs to be accommodated. Mountings should be used with Top & Bottom overload washers to provide a failsafe mounting arrangement.

Cab Mount

Cab Mountings, as the name suggests were originally designed for rubber mounting Cabins for off road vehicles such as Construction & Agricultural. They can provide high level of vibration absorption resulting in increased operator comfort. Using top and bottom washers provides a fail safe anti vibration mount, and they have successfully passed many ROPS & FOPS tests.

Application include: Anti Vibration Mounts for Backhoe Cabs & other construction machinery, Agricultural equipment such as Rubber mounts for Tractor Cabs