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AV Industrial Products Ltd are specialists in the supply of anti vibration mountings, rubber mounts, AV mountings and rubber-to-metal bonded engineering components. Our range includes Cylindrical Bobbins, Machine Mounts, Failsafe Mounts, Marine Engine Mounts, anti vibration mats and pads and Rubber Buffers, M8, M10 in UK, Leicester.

We pride ourselves on offering the largest product range of vibration rubber mounts, shock mounts, and anti vibration mounts UK from stock available for next day delivery, at the best competitive rates.

In addition we offer a comprehensive free technical back-up service, including computer aided design and application facility, on site vibration surveys and full product testing to ensure product compliance and customer satisfaction.

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The medium “natural” state for vulcanised rubber is approx. 60° on the Shore A (ShA) rubber hardness scale. To increase the rubber hardness from 60°ShA the amount of filler (carbon black) into the raw mixture is increased. To reduce the rubber hardness from 60°ShA the oils content of the mixture is increased. Engineered rubber consists of approximately 10 ingredients to achieve a compound polymer with the necessary characteristics, which includes excellent fatigue resistance. In the case of natural rubber approximately 9 ingredients are usually added to the raw latex obtained from the Rubber Tree. The ingredients are mixed together with curing agent (sulphur) in preparedness for the hot vulcanisation moulding process.

Vulcanisation is the process of creating cross-links at a molecular level within the rubber compound. It is this vulcanisation process that turns the raw latex mixture into a desirable engineered product achieving mechanical characteristics such as excellent tensile strength, good abrasion resistance, excellent notch strength, etc.

In the case of a rubber-to-metal bonded anti vibration mounts, the correctly prepared metals and mixed raw rubber compound are then placed into a mould tool. Heat and pressure is applied to the rubber compound and metals for a predetermined length of time, during which the rubber is “cured” or vulcanised.

The AV Industrial Products Ltd metals preparation includes a number of processes to ensure an excellent level of bonding. Initially the metals are degreased to ensure the optimum bond strength between the rubber and metal is achieved and may be followed by grit blasting or a chemical treatment, such as phosphating, to further improve the bonding conditions.

Following the metals preparation process a single coat or two coat chemical adhesive is applied to the prepared metal surface. The chemical adhesive can be applied by hand brushing, dipping, or spraying (including automated spray booths), depending upon manufacturing volumes and complexity of metal components. The physical bond between the rubber and metal takes place during the moulding process, where the heat causes a chemical reaction to occur. These processes ensure that the AV Industrial Products rubber-to-metal bonding is extremely strong and in the case of natural rubber bonded to steel.

For the vast majority of AV Industrial Products rubber-to-metal bonded components, the bond strength is greater than the mechanical structural strength of the rubber. Meaning that following a prolonged period of service, if the component exhibits signs of failure, then the rubber is expected to degrade prior to the rubber-to-metal bond.

Due to the excellent levels of rubber-to-metal bonding there are almost limitless possible designs of component shapes and structures. Many different types of fixing methods, bracket designs, product shapes and sizes to achieve unique as well as standard anti-vibration mount solutions.

One such range of solutions is the AV Industrial Products Ltd program of Hydro Mountings. The Hydro Mounting range of products are particularly effective at controlling excessive engine / cabin movement and shake at low speeds whilst providing optimum isolation at normal running speeds.

Advantages of the AV Industrial Products Ltd range of Hydro Mountings are as follows:

Please refer to the Hydro mounting section within the Products page for further information regarding these

Having been established for over 30 years, AV Industrial Products Ltd is a premium supplier of vibration control, shock protection, rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded products into industry.

With regards to vibration control, vibration is the oscillation, reciprocation, or other periodic motion of a body forced from a position or state of equilibrium with a given amplitude, wavelength and frequency. AV Industrial Products Ltd have full FFT vibration analysis equipment that can measure the vibration amplitude via multi-channel accelerometers in terms of acceleration, velocity and displacement against time and frequency.

All bodies have an inherent natural frequency that they vibrate freely at. If the excitation frequency occurring upon that body coincides with its natural frequency, then resonance conditions will take place. When the system is on resonance, the vibration transmissibility and amplitudes greatly increase which can cause severe damage to equipment and machinery that includes premature structural stress fractures, excessive noise and ultimately machine breakdowns. Sources of vibration include rotating imbalances, shaft misalignments, machine wear, transport, etc. The supplied AV Industrial Products Ltd anti vibration mounts provide significant improvements that include machine efficiency, operator conditions and the protection of sensitive equipment.

AV Industrial Products Ltd team have over 50 years’ experience with the proposal of anti vibration mounts ensuring that these unwanted resonance conditions do not occur.

To enable the anti-vibration mounting proposal AV Industrial Products Ltd request the client application details which typically include, the application general overview, loading details, disturbing frequencies, transport considerations, shock criteria, space envelopes, fastening constraints, environmental considerations, required levels of vibration isolation, etc. Following the receipt of this application information AV Industrial Products Ltd then use their vast knowledge and expertise to provide their client with the required anti-vibration mounting proposal.

As well as their huge empirical knowledge, AV Industrial Products Ltd have various tools and techniques that enable them to calculate the mounting proposals that include:

• Expert engineering & design team (over 50 years)

• In house testing facility to ensure product conformance

• Computer modelling & simulation (6 Degree of Freedom)

• FFT Vibration analysis & surveys

• Dynamic fatigue/endurance testing

• Solidworks 3D CAD & FEA


The proposed anti-vibration mount could take on various forms and orientations depending upon the application information and client requirements. For the majority of applications, rubber engineered components are the preferred choice. This is because of the inherent characteristics and benefits that a rubber engineered component can provide compared with other material based options.

Beneficial characteristics, dependant on base polymer type, can include:



The AV Industrial Products Ltd ranges of anti vibration mounts have many wide and varied applications, with extremes between the very large and the very small such as large ship engines to small circuit boards. Generally, the anti-vibration mount applications include, generator mountings, engine mountings, pump mountings, compressor mountings, extractor fans mountings, cabin mountings, suspension components, PC fan isolators etc.

There are types of use Anti Vibration Mounts

It is use Industrial wide range and individual items anti vibration mounts such as extractor fan mounts, air compressors, air conditioning, PC computer case fan, speaker, handlebar, video camera, flight controller, hard drive, bar, motor, pumps, silicone gel, wire rope isolator, washing machine, car condenser, ceiling fans, diy, phone, motorcycle mirror, pump mountings pad, quadcoper, shower pump and many industrial area.

Types of anti vibration mounts - Size and Selection Guide

There are types of Manufacturers Ant Vibration Mounts

Making types of category or products related to anti vibration mounts such as feet, damper, dampering mounts, absorber (absorbing), heavy machinery, blocks, bolts, diesel generators, springs, hard drive, bobbin mounts, electric motor, machine (machinery), Stainless steel, wall mounts, projector, screwfix and many.

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Our popular city in UK provide anti vibration mounts like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Liverpool, Coventry, Leicester, Northampton, Norwich, Southampton, Aberdeen, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent, Loughborough, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Belfast, Preston, Kingston upon Hull, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Exeter, Bolton, Cambridge, Slough, Bradford, Croydon, Ipswich, Colchester, Reading, Huddersfield, Halesowen, Oxford, Walsall, Brighton, Maidstone, Wolverhampton, Hinckley, Sunderland, Watford, Poole, Crawley, Luton, Stockton-on-Tees, York, Taunton, Barnsley, Cheltenham, Farnborough, Bedford, Lincoln, Basingstoke, Burton upon Trent, Eastbourne, Gloucester, Southend-on-Sea, Blackburn, Blackpool, Banbury, Birkenhead, Chesterfield, Salford, Rochdale, Rotherham, Havant, Wigan, Worcester

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