AV Industrial Products: Quality

ISO: 9001:2008
AV Industrial Products is certified and accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 – Anti Vibration Mountings & Rubber to Metal Bonded Components.

Lloyds Approval
Suppliers of marine mountings and products for marine propulsion engines and marine equipment.

ROHS Compliant
Where required, products are in full compliance with ROHS regulations.

We have many years experience in the supply, manufacture and specifying of anti-vibration mounts, shock isolators, Rubber Engine Mounts, Marine Engine Mounts and rubber suspension systems and bearings. Our expertise have earned us an outstanding reputation for our awareness of all the disciplines needed to supply top quality rubber bonded anti-vibration mountings and shock control products. All our products are produced to the highest quality standards and sold at the very best competitive prices.

To achieve this we carry out: in-house physical testing of the components, testing of the elastomers chemical compositions, material selections and testing, NDT testing, computer modelling, manufacturing technologies and design and application criteria, all to our own high engineering specifications and standards.

Above all our philosophy is to invest in people to ensure that they are dedicated to providing exceptional customer satisfaction and value.

That's why today we are proud to supply many of the UK, Europe and other parts of the world's leading 'household name' companies.

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