Engineering Services: Product Design, Computer Modelling, Verification, Testing, Vibration Surveys and Frequency Analysis

Engineering Services

Here at AV Industrial Products Ltd we pride ourselves on providing high quality rubber engineering components to the industrial OEM sector. Our core competence is in Rubber Engineering and Vibration Control and we are proud to support many blue chip manufacturing companies with our technical solutions and high quality rubber engineering components.

Our team of engineers, based in Leicester, UK, are highly trained and experienced in the field of Vibration Control engineering. Whether it be computer simulation, product design, application support, or on-site vibration surveys, we can help and support you to ensure the best engineering solutions are implemented on your application.

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Product Design & Stress Simulation

Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers use state of the art computer modelling software to create and analyse product designs and mechanical properties. We utilise software capable of non-liner modelling which is essential for the analysis of rubber components. Whether you simply require a STEP file to import into your own application drawing, our assistance on designing a new product, or require stress analysis of a new design, our application and design team are able to support you. We ensure that the best solution is provided for your application, both in performance and longevity. In addition, our decades of experience allow us to create specialist rubber formulations to provide any required properties, which again can be modelled through our software.

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Load Distribution and 6 Degree of Freedom (6DoF) Modelling

We operate a number of bespoke software packages that allow us to model and simulate the theoretical performance of your application whilst installed on our products. These include weight distribution calculations of multi-mass systems and double mounting arrangements, as well as more complex modelling of system frequency (i.e. 6 degrees of freedom). In additional we are able to predict movement at external positions, such as exhaust bellows, and also calculate movement due to seismic forces or seaway movements. Our application team are highly trained in rubber modelling to provide accurate computer simulations and ultimately ensure that the mounting systems we propose is providing the best levels of performance.

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Application support and Product proposals

Our Applications Engineers and Technical Sales Engineers have over 100 years combined experience working with the Vibration Control industry. Whether your application is within the Construction Sector, Power Generation or other Industrial or Mechanical industry, you can be sure that our team have a wealth of experience to provide you with technical support and product recommendations.

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Product Testing & Validation

Here at AV Industrial Products Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering high quality rubber engineering components and recognise the importance of offering the very best quality components to our OEM customers. We employ a team of Quality engineers which control the quality of the manufacturing process and finished product, from raw material testing, to final inspection before products are released to the customer. – Further details on our quality control processes can be found at

Our products are tested according to our own very strict standards in addition to various ISO testing procedures

Vibration Surveys and Frequency Analysis

Our team of vibration specialists are able to visit your site to conduct vibration measurements and surveys. Whether you are experiencing vibration issues on your machine, or wishing to sign-off a vibration mount on a new application our technical team can support you. We operate the latest FFT vibration measurement equipment, allowing us to measure and record the unique vibration signature of your application, in turn allowing us to put forward technical proposals and solutions tailored to your application.

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Rubber Analysis & Reverse Engineering

Rubber formulation is a complex process of mixing numerous ingredients to create a rubber compound, including the raw polymer, reinforcing fillers such are carbon black, curatives, and various other chemicals and additives to provide the required properties.

However, most rubber compounds appear identical in appearance and the user can have difficulty identifying the material, formulation and quality.

As part of our product development process, we have capability to analysis and measure various polymer characteristics to ensure that our products meet your quality requirements and offer the required mechanical properties, whether it be material type, UV & Ozone resistance or dynamic characteristics.

We can conduct a range of rubber analysis including material type (chemical reaction), specific gravity, oil and fuel swell rates, and reverse engineering of formulations (i.e. TLC, TGA and FTIR analysis)

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Prototype Mould production

For new products and developments, a rubber mould may be required. Our manufacturing team are able to produce single cavity tooling at extremely competitive rates. This allows samples to be produced so that your new design can be tested and validated before committing to higher value multi-cavity tooling used for mass production. In addition, our team can usually produce protype mould and samples with a matter of weeks, allowing you to move forward with your project as quickly as possible.