AV Industrial Products: Rubber Products

At AV Industrial, we put to use our years of experience, superior products and successive back catalogue of applications into ensuring that all of our customers consistently get the vibration mounts or rubber products that they require with our comprehensive design, manufacture and supply service.

We know that the noise and vibrations produced as a result of industrial machinery can be disruptive and damaging to those working around them which is why we think that the effective manufacturing and tailoring of specific vibration mounts is so vital.

Our rubber products and mounts are effective in controlling vibration levels and as one of the most commonly applied AV mounts and are used effectively in, but not limited to, automotive engines, agricultural machinery and trailers.

Produced using natural rubber, you can ensure that each of our rubber products produces the highest level of resilience and reduction in vibrations combating what can often lead to dangerous levels of noise and damage, particularly when compared with other types of manmade rubber which can lead to less effective resilience and less movement control

Using only the highest standards of quality control to create the individual rubber products you require for your machinery, with in-house testing, our service and support is completely unrivalled with everything priced competitively.

We also offer silicone rubber manufacturing to meet higher temperature environments and different rigidities, which are all provided with colour coding.

Our rubber springs also provide excellent opportunities for suspension and rebound control in combination with our self manufactured mats, rolls and rubber materials which can all be produced in materials, which can all be cut to size, including:

  • Natural rubber
  • Chloroprene
  • Cork
  • Reinforced fabric

These fabrics can also provide general isolation and are able to accommodate a variation of sizes, heights and widths – and can be tailored to your requirements with our custom service.

Should you be looking for rubber products, please take the time to browse our products all of which can be offered with a next day delivery service. In addition, we also offer a custom-design and manufacturing service to ensure all of our customers find all of their vibration control needs in one place.