Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isolate vibration?

  • Minimise Vibration Transmitted to surrounding Structures
  • Protect fragile equipment from external vibration sources
  • Improve Life of Equipment
  • Reduce Machine Breakdowns
  • Protect operators of Equipment
  • Reduce Noise
  • Reduce the Cost of Foundations

Q: How do I select the right mount?

  • You can use the mounting selection guide, or call us and our team will advise you.

Q: What applications can our mounts be fitted on?

  • Our mountings fit a wide variety of applications & systems, here are a few
  • Air conditioning units, compactors, weighing equipment, exhaust units, fan and motors, generator sets, marine engines, petrol engines, pump units, vibrating tables & suspension systems.

Q: Why is selecting the right mounts important?

  • It is very important to choose the right vibration mount because choosing the wrong one can potentially have a negative effect, if unsure please call one of our technical engineers.

Q: Can you test my application/ system?

  • Yes, please call us to arrange one of our qualified engineers to visit you.

Q: What type of testing do you carry out?

  • Environmental testing
  • Dynamic testing
  • Bond testing
  • Rubber Properties