Compactor Mounts

Applications of compactor mounts

Within the construction industry loose soil and aggregate often needs to be densified in order for it to have the ability to withstand heavy loads and provide a firm foundation for building works. Furthermore, in the road construction industry, asphalt needs to be compressed to ensure firmness of the road surface. In both scenario’s the construction team will utilise a range of compaction machinery to achieve this, including Plate Compactors, Vibratory Rollers, Rammers and compactor attachments for excavators. In all instances, the compaction of the ground is achieved by creating an ‘oscillating motion’ (i.e. vibration) of a plate or roller​

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In order to achieve this ‘oscillating motion’, rubber compactor mounts are utilised to provide flexibility and allow movement of the oscillating component. The rubber mounts are often installed in shear, or at angles (i.e. a Vee arrangement). This allows the low shear stiffness of the rubber mounts to provide large amounts of amplitude (movement) in order to compact the soil or aggregate. This also provides the ability to tune the mounting system by rotating the mountings. 
In addition, the compactor mounts can often be designed to provide comfort for the machine operator, for example vibration isolation of the Cabin, Seat or Handles. This is particularly important to ensure vibration and shock levels conform to any required occupational safety standards (for example ISO2631 and ISO5349). 
When designing or selecting rubber compactor mounts there are many factors to consider, such as the high dynamic nature of the application and associated forces, required amplitudes, heat build-up (hysteresis) of the rubber, and the minimising of stress areas on the rubber to metal bonded interface.
The mountings are designed to have high tensile strength, and a highly resilient rubber compound (compared to standard rubber mounts).  The rubber formulation and method of moulding are critical for such high dynamic applications. Users should be beware of “copy-cat” spare parts with the same appearance but using sub-standard rubber compounds or moulding methods, in order to avoid experiencing premature failure.  The Compactor mounts supplied by AV Industrial Products Ltd are OEM quality and follow the required manufacturing and design standards. Many of which utilise a special rubber compound called HPF™ which is formulated for harsh dynamic application and provides up to 5 time longer life than standard premium rubber. 
Carefully selected mountings will ensure a trouble free and long service life of the equipment without premature failure of the rubber mounts.
Our engineering team are at hand to assist you with designing new applications and offering product recommendations. We work with many of the market leaders within the compaction industry, whether it be a small plate compactor to a 10 Tonne Vibratory roller. Our engineers can offer Vibration Testing, Design and Stress Analysis, and Frequency modelling. Contact our engineering team on  

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Compactor mounts

Rubber Mounts for Compaction Equipment section 5 drum mounts

Drum mounts

Transmit the energy from the hydraulic motor to the roller, enabling the vibratory compaction while supporting the weight of the machine.

Compactor Plate Mounts

Compactor Plate Mounts

Transmit the energy from the hydraulic motors to the plate, enabling vibratory compaction while supporting the machine's weight.

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