Suspension Bush Replacement - Is It Important?

A suspension bush replacement can be hard to diagnose and resolve. It is, however, highly important that you replace worn suspension bushes. Used in a variety of applications, suspension bushes help to diminish metal on metal contact whilst simultaneously allowing for movement of suspension parts. Moreover, they are an effective vibration isolator. Today we are going to explore suspension bushes: highlighting the importance of both identifying and correcting worn suspension bushes.

What Are Suspension Bushes?

Typically made from a steel or aluminum outer casing and rubber inner, suspension bushes play a pivotal role in steering and suspension systems, chassis connection points and engine mounts. Not only do suspension bushes ensure metal on metal contact does not form, but they control movement between parts that would otherwise result in excessive noise and vibration.

The most common application for this part is in vehicle suspension systems. Our team has supplied suspension bushes for commercial vehicles, construction and off-highway vehicles, for example.

Essentially, they work in conjunction with a vehicle’s suspension to ensure the impact of uneven roads is minimised. They can be found in multiple places on the suspension where one part joins another. With the introduction of suspension bushes, the movement of a vehicle’s suspension is lessened which results in better handling and improved safety. Lastly, they control both noise and vibration which produces a more comfortable and controlled driving experience. As you can see, a suspension bush replacement is highly important. If we consider the application of vehicle suspension, avoiding a suspension bush replacement can compromise the safety of your vehicle and, subsequently, you.

Why Is It Important to Replace Worn Suspension Bushes?

Worn suspension bushes can increase the likelihood of metal on metal contact forming. In a number of applications, this can be harmful. If we consider a vehicle’s suspension system, excessive metal on metal contact can result in internal stress and damage. If parts are left to move freely and in an uncontrolled way, it can cause excessive noise, clunking and creaking.

In regard to vehicle safety, this can be compromised if a suspension bush replacement is neglected. We have established that this part works in conjunction with a vehicle’s suspension to control movement and lessen vibration and damage. So if you have worn suspension bushes, your braking may not be responsive, you will likely experience a harsher ride and you may encounter less control and response from your steering. Suspension bushes are exposed to the elements underneath your vehicle. They can deteriorate naturally, so it is important to know the signs of wear and replace bushes if wear does occur.

There are a number of telltale signs that can suggest a replacement is needed. Adhering to this can help you minimise the potential of further mechanical damage occurring, which will effectively prevent more costly repairs. The first sign is a clunking or rattling noise which worsens when you go through a corner or drive over an uneven road surface. Any unusual noise originating from the area where your vehicle’s suspension is should be investigated.

In addition to this, worn bushes, as established, can lead to an uncomfortable or bumpy ride. If your driving experience has suddenly changed and the above symptoms are occuring, it may be time for a suspension bush replacement.

Finally, you can always perform a visual inspection and look for cracks and signs of visible wear. Changes to your vehicle’s steering may also occur. Replacing worn bushes can be a highly technical and complex process for those with no mechanical experience. It is advised that you enlist the support of an experienced mechanic if you suspect there are issues with your vehicle’s suspension bushes.

Suspension Bush Replacement with AV Industrial Products

We at AV Industrial Products hope you enjoyed the article on the importance of replacing worn bushes. We have expertly crafted, durable suspension bushes available which can be used in applications ranging from commercial vehicle suspension part replacements to engine mounts and construction equipment. If you require any more technical assistance with the suspension bushes we offer, or you have any questions about our product range, we encourage you to contact us today. One of our team will be happy to guide you through our ranges and answer any questions you may have.