The Benefits of Acoustic Hangers

The Benefits of Acoustic Hangers

In construction, as well as industrial environments, being able to effectively minimise noise and vibration is highly important. In a wide variety of applications, people opt to use acoustic hangersfor this very reason. 

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will know how important it is to reduce vibration across a range of industries. Whilst in some applications it is desirable, in others it is imperative for maintaining sufficient safety standards.

Acoustic ceiling hangerscan help people achieve this, by offering fantastic noise reduction and vibration control. In the following article, we explore how this is possible. Moreover, we outline why this seemingly small device is so important. Continue below for more information.

What Are Acoustic Hangers?

If you are inexperienced in the world of vibration control, you may not know what, exactly, an acoustic hanger is. In short, acoustic hangers can be summarised as a specialised suspension device that works to minimise noise and control vibration. Specifically, they are used in buildings, other structures and equipment to create optimal levels of vibration control and noise cancellation.

A steel coil spring element is encased in a durable housing structure. This provides sufficient separation and support for heavy equipment, ceilings or floors that need to be suspended. Vibration and noise control can also take place.

Why, Specifically, Are Acoustic Ceiling Hangers Important?

The chief role of an acoustic hanger is to effectively manage noise and vibration. If not managed, both noise and vibration can be detrimental to the health and safety of workers or the public.

Whatever the specific application, it is highly important that noise and vibration are managed. This will protect equipment and workers, as well as ensure those who handle vibrating equipment are compliant with legal requirements. For those who are curious, we have illustrated their importance below by providing specific examples.

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Health & Safety Compliance

In a number of industries, noise cancellation and vibration management is imperative for those looking to comply with health and safety regulations. This is because both, if not managed, can have a negative impact on human health.

Handling equipment that produces excessive vibration can cause stress and sleep disturbances, whilst loud noise has the ability to cause hearing impairment. Thus, the acoustic hanger is important for ensuring compliance with legal legislation.

Vibration Control & Noise Cancellation

We have mentioned this throughout the article. Still, they are important as they provide a cost effective means to manage vibration and noise. Across a wide range of industries they can benefit people hugely.

Building Regulation Compliance

As well as general health and safety compliance, those in construction must adhere to building regulations. As part of those regulations, it is often the case that construction workers have to provide a means to manage noise and vibration.

Equipment Protection

A major reason for seeking to control vibration is the preservation of specialist equipment. In industries that rely on equipment that create vibration and noise, it is important to regulate the amount created.

Excessive vibration can wreak havoc on equipment and poses a substantial risk to the user. As such, it is important to effectively reduce it with devices such as acoustic hangers.

The Benefits Outlined

By now, we hope that the importance of this product is clear. We appreciate that now you may be wondering what the benefits of using this product specifically are. Truthfully, there are a number of benefits.

Whilst they play a hugely important role in vibration mitigation, they typically require little maintenance and are highly cost effective. Moreover, for those in construction looking to adopt an ethical approach they are considered sustainable. This is because they lessen the reliance on noise cancellation materials that are typically not reusable.

Finally, they are highly adaptable and versatile. They can perform well across a range of applications, offering great levels of vibration and noise reduction in buildings, commercial facilities and more. Moreover, they provide an easy means for the user to obtain the following as they are simple to install.

This will be positive news for those of you who are curious about how to fit acoustic hangers.

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We hope you enjoyed the following article, and now have a greater understanding of the impact acoustic hangers can make in a number of applications.

As a leading supplier of vibration and noise cancelling products, we have a varied range of steel spring acoustic hangers to choose from. Moreover, we are available on a consultative basis to help you select the best product for your application.

If you have any questions about our range, a pricing enquiry or stock related issue, we encourage you to contact us today.