What are Anti Vibration Mounts & Mountings?

What are Anti Vibration Mounts & Mountings?

High amounts of vibration can cause huge amounts of damage to machinery in the long term; for this reason vibration isolation is necessary to help keep machines healthier for longer.

To prevent the transfer of vibration that a machine generates, rubber products are used as a sort of isolating pad that absorbs these vibrations and stops them from being transferred to surrounding machines & structures. These rubber products are known as anti vibration mounts and they are used on various different types of industrial applications, such as diesel generator, pumps, motors and HVAC equipment.

It have the capacity to absorb high amounts of energy which means high amounts of damping. They are also capable of reducing the sound created by the vibrating machine, resulting in the machine running more smoothly and more quietly.

Having the correct type of anti vibration mounting is vital for the smooth running of any piece of machinery, which is why these anti vibrations products come in all different shapes and sizes so as to fit different machines and accommodate different weights and environments. Some of these are cylindrical bobbins, buffer and bump stops, cone and cab mounts, sandwich mounts and many more. For each different type of mount there is a range of sizes available which further ensures that every machine is catered for.

When selecting your anti vibration products it is extremely important to buy quality products from a manufacturer with a wealth of experience. If you settle for ones that are cheap or poorly made, the chances are these will not protect your machine and you run the risk of further costs in the future. AV Industrial Products can offer technical assistance in selecting products, including computer modelling and also vibration surveys.

With so many anti vibration products on the market it can be difficult to know which one is suitable for which machine or application, so don’t waste time wondering what’s what, speak to professionals! If you want to find out more about anti vibration mounts and mountings or need any help on the matter, get in touch with AV Industrial Products; these industry experts will be more than happy to share their expert knowledge with you and help in any way they can.