What Are The Benefits of Heavy Duty Adjustable Feet?

Across a range of industries, heavy duty adjustable feet are hugely important. Not only do they help to maximise equipment performance, but importantly they provide an adjustable mechanism to level equipment and accommodate uneven floors.. From food processing to manufacturing, heavy duty adjustable feet play an integral role in the smooth running of equipment and company productivity. Today the team at AV Industrial Products are going to explore adjustable feet: exploring their applications as well as why they are so important.

Adjustable Rubber Feet - What Are They Used For?

Adjustable rubber feet, such as the ones stocked by us, are a highly important feature on equipment spanning a range of industries. The main role of levelling feet is simple: to support and level equipment on a chosen surface. If the surface is uneven, machine levelling feet will allow for the equipment to be installed level..

They are used in a variety of applications, and can provide stability to equipment that would otherwise be unstable. Not only can instability encourage wear and tear, but in some cases it can make equipment or machinery dangerous. Typically used in workshops, factories, storage facilities as well as on general machinery, they are constructed using a number of materials. The main components of adjustable rubber feet are generally made from steel and rubber, which guarantee the longevity of the part and help with noise and vibration mitigation.

What Are the Benefits of Heavy Duty Adjustable Feet?

Across a wide range of industries, heavy duty adjustable feet are hugely important. If you work in manufacturing, or use any form of industrial machinery as part of your day to day operations, they are especially important. Although small and unseen, they play an integral role in ensuring the smooth running of machinery as well as business operations. And this is the case for a variety of machinery and equipment, across a large range of sectors: from manufacturing workshops to construction. The benefits of installing high quality, functioning machine levelling feet are as follows:

  • Vibration Reduction

Vibration that is not mitigated can cause damage to equipment, and can compromise worker safety. View our blog on construction vibration where we discuss this in greater detail. In short however, you are encouraging vibration damage for machinery and equipment without the use of adjustable feet. The rubber feet will keep the machinery or equipment raised off the ground, which minimises the contact between hard surfaces and the machinery itself. Equipment that produces vibration left on a concrete floor is likely to suffer damage far quicker than if machine levelling feet were introduced.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs/ Equipment Longevity

Creating an even and level surface, which is raised above the ground, is in the best interest of the machinery or equipment you are using or store. This reduces the risk of vibration damage, which in turn slows down general wear and tear of equipment. Subsequently, maintenance costs are reduced and equipment longevity is secured. Although you will need to buy the feet themselves, you are likely to save a substantial amount of money that would otherwise be spent repairing equipment that has suffered damage due to excessive vibration.

  • Creates a Level Surface


For a huge variety of equipment and machinery, creating an even and level surface prevents errors and improves the accuracy of equipment. Without it, a company’s output and productivity can be massively impacted. Creating an even surface also supports worker productivity by supplying the workforce with equipment that is capable of producing accurate results.

Levelling Feet at AV Industrial Products

We hope you enjoyed the following article, and you now understand how a product such as levelling feet can have a hugely positive impact on your business. If you are looking to replace any levelling feet on equipment, or install new feet, we at AV Industrial Products can help. We have a wide range of adjustable feet, all constructed from different materials with varying weight capacities. Whatever the application, we are confident we have a solution that can meet your needs. To browse the collection, click here. Alternatively, contact us today if you can’t find what you are looking for. Our team is able to resolve any technical questions or advise you on the best product based on your requirements.