Why are Rubber Products Good Vibration Isolators?

With any kind of rotating machinery, whether it by an engine, motor, compressor or pump, or generating set, there are inevitably vibrations generated. The vibration produced can oscillate from the equipment and transfer to the surrounding structure. Often this will result in an increased level of structural borne noise and structural vibration. This is where Vibration Control & Rubber Anti Vibration mountings come help. Rubber products, such as Bobbin mountings and most other type of excellent levels of resilience, which is one of the key factors in determining the performance of the mountings and the amount of vibration reduction they provide.

Below, you can find the calculation for Natural Frequency (“Fn”), and using the “% Vertical Isolation” formula, you can ensure that you are achieving the necessary level of vibration reduction.

It is important however that the natural frequency of the equipment and the natural frequency of the supporting AV mounts do not coincide, otherwise resonance can be experienced, causing either the equipment or supporting structure to excessively vibration, and potential damaged the machine and its foundations. Resonance = Magnification of Vibration.

The vibrations generated by industrial machinery can be annoying, disruptive to operators of machines and potentially dangerous to the health of humans. This is why it is important to have an effective rubber mount to control the levels of vibration. Due to the science behind selecting an Anti-Vibration mounting it is recommended for critical / technical applications that you contact a specialist to advise you on the best rubber mountings for your application.

So what type of vibration mount should you use? Rubber is one of the most common materials when it comes to AV mounts. It is used in all different types of applications from Automotive Engines mountings to Rubber Feet. Like all isolators, rubber material will dampen the vibrations that affect a machine by absorbing unwanted energy and preventing that energy from entering the machine. The level of damping will depend on the type of rubber used. The higher damping the more control you will have of the machines movement, however the level of vibration isolation can be compromised. 95% of Vibration Mounts today are produced in Natural Rubber, as it has one of the highest levels of resilience and therefore vibration reduction. Other rubbers such as AV mounts made out of Butyl have a lower resilience, but higher damping, which controls movement of the machinery.

It is very important to choose the right kind of vibration mount because choosing the wrong one can potentially have a negative effect. If you would like any more information about our wide range of anti vibration mountings and what type would be most suitable for your application, please contact one of our highly trained and experience engineers on +44 (0116) 246 1261 or email us on mail@avindustialproducts.co.uk or visit on www.avindustrialproducts.co.uk or www.vibration-mounts.co.uk