Wind Turbine Noise: An Overview

Wind Turbine Noise: An Overview

If you have read any of our previous articles, you will understand the impact noise and vibration can have. Wind turbine noise is a popular subject in this field, and refers to both the air-borne, and structure-borne mechanical noise, produced by these structures. Vibration can contribute to wind turbine noise pollution, so it is important that manufacturers and installers have effective control solutions in place. Today we are unpacking this, and asking why wind farms produce noise and what is done to reduce it. Moreover, we are taking a closer look at the impacts in communities that reside near these structures.

How Do Wind Farms Produce Noise?

As we shift towards a more sustainable model of energy production, wind farms, and similar technologies, are likely to become more and more common. These systems have a number of notable benefits, but it is important to understand the drawbacks in order to understand how to progress.

Wind turbine noise, referred to as broadband noise, is created when rotor blades encounter turbulence in the passing air. This is not the only way some systems create noise however. In older models, the functioning of mechanical parts produces a steady hum at a consistent pitch. Although seemingly harmless, the noise and vibration created by wind turbines can have a number of negative effects in the community.

One of the impacts is known as ‘wind turbine syndrome’. Although the literature is inconclusive, and studies have only been conducted in small groups, there are a number of claims of adverse health effects for residents who live near wind farms. These claims include mood complications, sleep issues, headaches and more, which are attributed to low levels of noise produced by wind turbines. If we are to assume that these claims are valid, it is important that companies and engineers look at ways to mitigate the mechanical noise or vibration that is generated. Here’s how this issue can be tackled and corrected.

How Can Wind Turbine Noise Pollution Be Resolved?

One of the great challenges engineers and producers of wind turbines face is mitigating both noise pollution and the impacts it has. As we have established, the inner mechanical components of these systems have a tendency to create vibration and, subsequently, noise. Although great strides have been made in developing wind turbines that are quieter, the problem with vibration still exists.

This is where a company such as ourselves comes in. We have completed a number of projects within the renewable energy sector as a supplier of anti vibration control solutions, such as Gear Boxes bushes and mounts, and also rubber mountings for electrical busbars. Ensuring the highest quality mounts and AV components are used, and correctly selected, is the best way to reduce vibration and noise and ensure a long service life.. If you are working within the renewable energy sector and would like to speak to us regarding our vibration control products, we encourage you to contact us.

Anti Vibration Solutions With AV Industrial Products

We are an experienced team of engineers having provided anti vibration solutions to a number of industries, which are suitable for a broad range of applications. If you are involved with wind turbine noise pollution control, and are looking at viable ways to reduce noise and vibration in your industry, we are always available to help. Contact one of our engineers today.