Custom Rubber Mouldings

We supply custom rubber mouldings that can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We offer truck buffers, ring mounts and seal mounts made from the highest quality rubber. AV Industrial Products can manufacture bespoke rubber mouldings to your required rubber compound, size, shape and stiffness according to the required specifications. Our rings, seals, and buffers find application in various industrial machineries, construction vehicles and equipment, commercial and off-road vehicles and more. Contact us today to learn more about our custom rubber mouldings.

  • Jubo Coupling

    Jubo Coupling

    Jubo Couplings comprise of a polygon shaped rubber section with moulded metal inserts. After moulding of the rubber a retaining band is fitted to the

    Jubo Coupling to pre-compress the rubber, which is then removed, after installing onto the equipment.

    ■ Reduces Driveline Vibration
    ■ Accommodates angular misalignment
    ■ East to Install

    ■ Construction & Off Road Vehicles
    ■ Military Vehicles
    ■ Automotive & Commercial Vehicles

  • Truck Buffer

    Truck Buffer