Rubber Sheeting

AV Industrial Products offer a wide range of high performance rubber sheeting suitable for various applications from general use to specialised technical grades. Our sheeting is available in a broad selection of materials including NR/SBR general purpose or high abrasion, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Viton, ACM and more. We also offer silicone food and drink safe rubber sheeting that is temperature resistant from -60 to +200 degrees. Our rubber sheeting can be manufactured in varying width, length, thickness and colours to perfectly suit your requirements. Browse our range below or contact us to find out more information and discuss your needs.

  • NR / SBR General Purpose ‘ECONOMY’

    NR / SBR General Purpose ‘ECONOMY’

    One of our most popular & widely used grades of material. Economy rubber sheeting offers an excellent commercial product at the very best price. Although an economy grade, it is manufactured to a high commercial standard and is an all purpose product, generally suited to applications that do not come into contact for Fuel/Oil or High temperatures, or have specific standards to meet. The economy rubber sheet has a wide range of applications including packaging, flooring, work bench coverings, etc.

  • NR / SBR High Abrasion and Shotblast

    NR / SBR High Abrasion and Shotblast

    Our natural rubber sheeting is used for many industrial purposes particular where high abrasion properties are required. It is also commonly used within Shot Blasting equipment. Normally supplied in black however the most of the rubber sheets can be supplied in various other colours. Within this category you will also find Natural Rubber sheeting conforming to BS1154 and also Polyurethane Sheets.

  • Neoprene (Chloroprene)

    Neoprene (Chloroprene)

    Our Neoprene or Chloroprene sheeting offer excellent protection against weathering & Ozone, making it an ideal material for outdoor applications. It also performs well when in contact with most oils & chemicals, and is flame retardant & self extinguishing. Max Temp. 130°C, dependant upon grade. You will also find FDA approved neoprene rubber sheeting for the food and drink industry, as well as sheeting that conforms to BS2752.

  • Nitrile


    Our Nitrile rubber sheeting offers excellent resistance to Oils, Petroleum, Mineral & Vegetable Oils. Max Temp 160°C dependant upon grade. You will also find FDA approved Nitrile rubber sheeting for the food and drink industry, as well as sheet that conforms to BS2751 and Gas Grade rubber sheeting.

  • Fabric Reinforced & Diaphragm

    Fabric Reinforced & Diaphragm

    Our fabric reinforced rubber sheeting is ideal for applications where increased tensile strength and tear resistance are required. Available in a range of different materials to suit various applications & budgets. Also within this range you can find Diaphragm grade sheeting.

  • EPDM, Butyl & Hypalon, Viton & ACM

    EPDM, Butyl & Hypalon, Viton & ACM

    We also offer our products in more specialist materials, such as EPDM, Butyl, Hypalon and Viton, which offer various properties & characteristics, such as Air permeability, Temperature resistance, weathering resistance. Here you will find a selection of different material and their properties; however customers are advised to contact us with the specific requirements.

  • Silicon & Food/ Drink & WRAS Quality Silicon & Food/ Drink & WRAS Quality

    Silicon & Food/ Drink & WRAS Quality Silicon & Food/ Drink & WRAS Quality

    Our selection of Silicone sheeting comes in a range of colours and temperatures ranges from -60°C up to +200°C dependent upon grade. With some of the range being non-toxic as well as having FDA and WRAS approval meaning it can be used in direct contact with food and drink safely.

  • Other Sheeting

    Other Sheeting

    Sheets & Mats can be used for various applications such as anti- vibration, anti- slip flooring, heat protection & electrical isolation.
    We offer an extensive range of Rubber Sheets, Rubber Rolls, Cork Matting & Rubber Pads.