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Anti Vibration Mounts & Rubber Engineering Components

AV Industrial Products Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of Anti Vibration Mounts and Rubber Engineering Components. Offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of anti vibration Mounts in the UK, available for next day delivery, and at the most competitive prices.

Anti Vibration Mounts, also known as Rubber Mounts, are used to reduce vibration in industrial machinery and vehicles. They are an integral component used within a wide range of industrial applications to reduce vibration, increase machinery lifespan, protect surrounding structures, and improve operator comfort.

Our standard range of Anti Vibration Mounts includes Bobbin Mounts, Captive Mounts, Rubber Buffers and Bump Stops, Hydro Mounts, Cone Mounts and many more rubber to metal bonded Anti Vibration Mountings. In addition, we can design and manufacture custom AV Mounts and rubber components.

Whether you are looking for an off the shelf standard AV mount, a custom/bespoke design, or looking to reduce costs, AV Industrial Products Ltd are sure to be able to offer you a fast and cost effective solution.

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Who Are AV Industrial Products Ltd?

AV Industrial Products Ltd offer a comprehensive technical engineering service to support you with your mounting selection and help to solve your vibration control issues. Services include Computer aided modelling and AV Mount selection, rubber mount testing, vibration analysis and site surveys, and also in-house product testing to ensure product compliance and customer satisfaction.

Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts

Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts are used within a wide range of industrial machinery and applications, including Cab Mounts, Engine Mounts, Marine Engine Mounts, Suspension Bushes, Construction Equipment Rubber Mounts, Generating Set Mounts, and Agricultural machinery.

Our team of qualified applications engineers have a range of tools at hand to help you design and select the best Anti Vibration Mounting solution for your application.

• Expert Engineering & Design team (over 50 years)

• In house testing facility to ensure product conformance

• Computer modelling & simulation (6 Degree of Freedom)

• FFT Vibration analysis & site surveys

• Testing of rubber components, including dynamic fatigue/endurance testing

• Solidworks 3D CAD & Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

AV Mounts

AV Mounts are most commonly made up of a rubber element bonded to steel fixings, where the rubber element, most commonly natural rubber, provides a flexible mounting system to reduce vibration, and the steel fixings allow the AV Mounts to be connected to the equipment and supporting structure. Stainless steel Anti Vibration Mounts (AISI304 and AISI316) are also available for high corrosive environments such as off shore, or for applications within the food Industry.

The basic principle of vibration isolation is that a correctly selected Anti Vibration Mount will have a natural frequency at least half that of the disturbing frequency (for example the running speed of a diesel engine). Our team of vibration specialists can assist you in selecting the best AV mounts for your application to ensure superior performance and prolonged life of your equipment, and ensuring a cost effect solution.

Anti Vibration Mounts range from small Instrument mounts designed to support delicate sensors and instruments with a weight of less than 500 grams, to large Heavy Duty Anti Vibration Mounts used in the Construction industry capable of carrying in excess of 30 Tonnes per mounting. There are 3 main uses for Anti Vibration Mounts; Vibration Reduction, Shock Protection, and Suspension systems.

Our applications team have a wealth of experience working in various industry sectors and applications including Power Generation, Construction, Earth Moving & Mining, Industrial Vehicles, Material Handling, and Industrial equipment. Send our engineers your enquiry today at engineering@avindustrialproducts.co.uk


When selecting Anti Vibration Mounts, or Rubber Mounts, there are many factors to consider that will ensure the trouble free service life of your equipment. For example, to help ensure that you achieve a prolonged service life, it is important that the mounts operate within their design stress & strain levels. If the equipment static loadings or shock loadings exceed the anti-vibration mount design stress or strain levels, this could impede the service life of the rubber mount. Our qualified engineers can assist you with the mounting selection process ensuring that a suitable product is used for trouble free and prolonged service life. Below you will find frequently asked questions to some of the most common queries;


What are Anti Vibration Mounts?

Anti Vibration Mounts are industrial rubber components used within industrial machinery and vehicles to reduce vibration being transmitted into surrounding structures. Most commonly manufactured from natural rubber which provides superior properties in terms of vibration reduction. However, a range of synthetic materials are also available to provide resistance to various oils, fuels and environmental factors.

As a general guide, using correctly selected Anti Vibration Mounts, it is typical to achieve a minimum of 70% vibration reduction, however in certain instances it is possible to achieve 90%+ with certain products and in certain applications. Consult our engineers for specific technical advice.

How to select anti vibration mounts?

There are many factors to consider when selecting Anti Vibration Mounts for your application and it is recommend that you contact one of qualified vibration engineers to discuss your application, however in summary some of the key factors to consider when selecting AV mounts are; Total Supported Weight, Load Distribution, Equipment Disturbing Frequency, Mobile or Static application, and environmental factors such as oil, fuel or heat. Further details can be found here https://www.avindustrialproducts.co.uk/technical/selection-guide

AV Industrial Products Ltd offer FFT vibration testing and analysis that can measure the vibration of your equipment via multi-channel accelerometers in terms of acceleration, velocity and displacement against time and frequency. This allows a tailored mounting selection to be made for your application and can also be used to sign-off already installed Anti Vibration Mounts to confirm performance and vibration isolation levels.

What are anti vibration mounts made from?

Anti Vibration Mounts are manufactured from rubber, the most common being natural rubber due to its superior resilience properties which are ideal for reducing vibration transmission. For certain applications synthetic rubber mounts are utilised, such as Neoprene Rubber Mounts which provide improve resistance to oils and elevated temperatures. Specially formulated rubber compounds can be manufactured for shock absorption, such as Shock Mounts, which provide increased levels of damping. In addition, Spring Mounts (manufactured from a steel coil spring) are available for slow speed applications or where high levels of vibration reduction are required.

Do anti vibration mounts work?

Yes, correctly selected Anti Vibration Mounts can reduce vibration by up to 99% (although 70%-80% is typical). It is important that the user correctly selects the AV Mounts, taking into consideration the Loads, Load distribution, environment factors etc.

To enable the anti-vibration mounting proposal AV Industrial Products Ltd request the client application details which typically include, the application general overview, loading details, disturbing frequencies, transport considerations, shock criteria, space envelopes, fastening constraints, environmental considerations, required levels of vibration isolation, etc. Following the receipt of this application information AV Industrial Products Ltd then use their vast knowledge and expertise to provide their client with the required anti-vibration mounting proposal.

How to use anti vibration fan mounts?

Careful consideration needs to be taken when choosing Anti Vibration Fan mounts. Due to the relatively slow speed of Fans, it is important that an AV mounting a with a high level of deflection is selected in order to give sufficiently low natural frequency – Spring mountings being a common product. Due to the large levels of deflection given by Spring Mounts it is important to ensure that the weight distribution is accurately calculated in order to ensure the Spring mountings are not overloaded. Installation instructions for our Enclosed Spring Mountings can be found here